NETSVS Job Feed Solution

  • Integrates with targeted sites and delivers the job data into ready-to-use job feeds which can be plugged into your job board
  • Delivered in any format of your choosing
  • Monthly Subscriptions and Custom Level Services available
  • Affordable solutions for both start-ups and larger job boards


Time & Resource Savings

No wasted time manually checking and updating jobs.

User Engagement

Keep your visitors engaged on your site with fresh job data, building a reputation for having the freshest of jobs.


Get a single, integrated job feed in your preferred format and delivery method.


Fully customizable solution that allows you to decide which fields are extracted and field names.


Postings are checked for duplicate and expired jobs as well as any other requirement you desire.

Better Upsell Opportunities

Our high quality feeds allows you to build a highly reputable job site resulting in an easier sell to employers and advertising companies.

Improved SEO

Regularly updated content will help your site rank higher in search results.

Customer Portal

Login to add/remove feeds, download reports, report issues, etc.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of job wrapping

Jobs are automically fed, which creates new content for your job board. This helps improve SEO and keeps visitors on your site longer.

How often will you update my feeds?

We run our robots to extract the jobs daily. For subscription services, we update them on schedule according to your plan. For Custom solutions we update them as often as agreed upon.

How do I know if I need a subscription or a custom solution?

This depends on how many feeds you need. Our Custom solution is usually for job boards looking to scrape 150+ sites.

Can you provide feeds for my niche job board?

Yes, we have clients come to us all the time with this request. We have worked with job boards that only want specific industry jobs.

How will I receive the feeds?

We can upload via ftp, the backend of your job board software and directly into your database.

How do you solve duplication issues?

We have a few methods that we've developed to solve duplication. We understand, each job board has a different definition of what a duplicate job is, so we taylor this to fit your needs.

More questions?

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Tier 1

  • Feed uploads - 5 per week
  • Report uploads - 5 per week
  • Chat / Email / Phone Support
  • FTP Delivery
  • API Hosted Solution
  • Job board Integration
  • Full Customization

Tier 2

  • Feed uploads - Custom
  • Report uploads - Custom
  • Chat / Email / Phone Support
  • FTP Delivery
  • API Hosted Solution
  • Job board Integration
  • Full Customization

What do people think?

We love your service. Your team is efficient, responsive and is always willing to recommend solutions.

Julie Carter USA

Many thanks for your continuous support. This is simple for me to access and a great solution!

Sean Wint UK

As our company grows we continue to use NETSVS, we love the quality of their work.

William Osterman USA

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